About Me

Hello. My name is Julian. I created the 1% journal, just so you know it wasn’t some robot or anything. I’m the person behind it.

I created this journal because I have been, and still am on the same journey you are on, or are about to set out on. I’ll be honest, I took the approach of listening to people such as David Goggins to fuel my drive. It’s about putting yourself in uncomfortable situations to “callous your mind”. But self improvement is supposed to be interpreted the way YOU want it to. There is no method that is set in stone.

My philosophy is that we should all strive to improve by 1% every single day. It is not too little, and it is definitely not too much. That's why I made the journal in such a way that every day is a space to do new things and be a new person.

I have not been able to find many resources to appeal to the cold-hearted, tough love, harsh side of self improvement. Every other journal is about how perfect every single one of us are and that we shouldn’t change who we are. It may work for other people, but it definitely does not for me. And I know that there are others out there that it also doesn't work for.

This journal is for you few who thrive through the pain and the ugly to become a better person for tomorrow. This journal is a tool to help you on your journey. It may lay the day and week out, but YOU need to decide what YOU need to do. Good luck on your path to becoming a better person, whether you buy the 1% journal or not.